CD Review – Abiah: Life As A Ballad

A. Lester October 29, 2012 1
CD Review – Abiah: Life As A Ballad

I wanted it to be conceptually beautiful. ~Abiah

It took me awhile to write this review because Life As A Ballad is an album that has to be soaked in.  Its warmth and beauty need to be absorbed into the soul to be truly appreciated.

Starting with the haunting ballad “September,” Abiah sets the listener up for an album full of heartache, love, and superb lyrics.  The next track, “Doves,” is a heartfelt reinterpretation of Prince’s “When Doves Cry,” which is heavy on the piano.

The piano/keyboards play an important part in this CD.  It is blessed with the outstanding talent of Robert Glasper, Abiah’s cousin.  In fact, Glasper appears on the majority of the CD’s tracks.

It took me awhile to write this review because I couldn’t adequately express the feelings that the album invokes.  Now I can say the listener will be lost in the authenticity of the beautiful lyrics.  The songs wash over the listener like a purifying summer rain.

Abiah is a wonderful lyricist.  Every song tells a story. In these days of lyrics that are repetitive but say nothing, Abiah’s storytelling lyric style is a breath of fresh air.

The album is richly orchestrated and full of lyrics with meaning.  I highly recommend adding Life As A Ballad to your collection.  (2012 Madoh Music/NIA Music Distribution)

Check out the video for the first single to be released from the CD “September.”



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